Chardyce Kott

Welcome Chardyce! Chardyce is new to our team and we just cannot wait to have you meet her!

Chardyce will be working on the admin side of things, conducting your intakes. In the future Chardyce will be seeing clients and running groups! Please give her a warm welcome!

Hello! My name is Chardyce Kott and I am the Executive Assistant at Jkruse Therapy Services, LLC. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Social Work from Aurora University and received my Bachelor’s in Psychology from Grand Canyon University in 2017.
I have experience working with children in a variety of capacities, from after-school programs to global education and as an advocate against child sex trafficking. I also have experience in the foster care system working in parent training and program development as well as providing resources for refugee families.
I chose to pursue a career in social work because I am passionate about strengthening individuals and communities both locally and globally. I believe that social workers play a key role in providing resources and cultivating change and I am passionate about empowering individuals to reach their full potential.
I would like to work with a variety of clients in areas such as mood disorders, grief and loss, trauma, family dysfunction, and with children or teens. I am also interested in utilizing art and play therapy in sessions. I am passionate about walking alongside individuals in their journeys for healing and understanding.”