Mental Health Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide is real, and should not be taken lightly.  If you are feeling suicidal, even if you don’t have a plan you can still use the line. The Lifeline is available 24/7 and provides free and confidential support for people in distress. It also provides prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI provides advocacy, education, support, and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives. Here you can look for signs of mental illness, learn more about conditions, and find the best treatments. 

EMDR International Association

Find out more about what EMDR is, how it is different than other therapies, who can benefit, and what one may experience. 


“Mindfulness is an awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally […] in the service of self-understanding and wisdom.”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

Learn about a more mindful approach to life through meditation and other practices.

Massage Therapy

The connection between the mind and body is undeniable. Research shows that emotional pain often manifests itself in physical symptoms and vice versa. The mental stress, tension, and suffering that we take on in our daily experiences can be stored in various areas of the body, leading to symptoms such as migraines, headaches, back pain, stiff joints, etc. Find healing with the power of massage with our sensational in-house massage therapist, Chas Jensen.

Providing an intuitive and personalized healing experience to every client she cares for, Chas offers a variety of specialized and organically-based services. Her massage therapy room provides tranquility for a relaxing experience and is conveniently located right here in our therapy and wellness center. She believes in the profound impact that human touch can have on one’s mental and physical well-being. To schedule your personalized massage with Chas, please visit her website or contact her directly at 630-251-7124

Below are sites related to finding more insight about yourself

The Enneagram is an ancient personality type system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. Learning about your archetype will not only teach you more about yourself, but you will also start to see the world through other people’s eyes, understanding how and why people think, feel, and act the way they do. Below is a quiz to get you started:

From our earliest years, we develop an attachment style that follows us through life, replaying in our daily emotional landscape, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves. In the quiz below, find your attachment style (Secure, Avoidant, Anxious/Ambivalent, Disorganized) and learn how we bring in our attachment styles into our relationships. 

Lasting relationships, like anything worthwhile, takes time and good intentions. When we are not on the same page, keeping love alive can feel intimidating – or even impossible. In the book The 5 Love Languages®, Dr. Gary Chapman presents a simple truth: relationships grow better when we understand each other. We all give and receive love differently. When we can understand how our loved one loves us, we can be confidently equipped to communicate love well. This is true for all forms of relationship – for married or dating couples, for children and teenagers, for friends and coworkers, for long-distance relationships, for those brand-new loves and for the romances that are older than the hills.

Empath Self-Assessment

One of the greatest connectors among human beings is the experience of empathy. It allows us to understand and even share the feelings of another. For some, empathy does not come easily and must be developed over time with practice. For others, empathy is innate and experienced on such a deep level that it can actually leave them drained and distressed.

Described as extraordinarily sensitive individuals who possess an intense ability to feel the emotions and energy of another, Empaths are considered gifted and rare. They are the most empathy-filled people in the world and can internally feel the sadness, joy, anger, anxiety, or even love that exists outside of themselves. To learn more about the science behind this remarkable group of people and discover if you are an Empath, visit the site and quiz offered by New York Time’s Best-Selling Author and LA-based Psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Orloff.

Apps We Recommend

Calm Harm
(for self-harm prevention)

Clear Fear
(for anxiety)
Waking Up
(for mindfulness)
(for mindfulness)
(for mindfulness)
Stop, Breathe & Think
(for mindfulness)
(for mindfulness)

Insight Timer
(mood tracker)
Recovery Record
(for eating disorders)
(for suicide prevention)
Virtual Hope Box
(coping skills)

(stress reliever)
Sober Grid
(substance abuse recovery)
Recovery Path
(substance abuse recovery)
12 Step AA Toolkit
(substance abuse recovery)
Recovery Box
(substance abuse recovery)
Sober Sidekick
(substance abuse recovery)