Massage Therapy

Find healing with the power of massage with our sensational in-house massage therapist, Chas Jensen.

The power of touch is truly amazing. It can bring instant relief from pain, ease chronic tension, help heal new/old injuries, restore flexibility and movement, not to mention comforting grief, intense emotions often connected to the physical pain, and help alleviate anxiety and depression.

There is NO REASON to walk around in pain. Whether it’s a kink in your neck or ache in your back. After many years of searching for help combating debilitating headaches, I discovered the healing benefits of massage therapy.  Through the experience of massage, I learned that my shoulders, neck and head muscles were extremely tight and therefore would create a perfect storm of tension, stress and pain.

Sadly, most people still see massage and many kinds of mind-body-therapies as a “luxury” when it is clearly so much more. I believe that physical therapy is a necessity. Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to stay physically AND *mentally well. It’s the reason The Healing Path exists!

Ultimately our body wants to heal itself, sometimes we just need to incorporate support to help the process along. It is my hope that The Healing Path can be part of that support system that helps you heal and maintain good health. I am here for you to help you feel your best. I am confident I can help you.

Restorative Therapy

Many of us underestimate the effects of trauma. Any experience that causes deeply distressing or disturbing thoughts can create havoc in the body. Trauma is something we will all experience in our lifetimes. It can be as significant as the loss of a loved one, or as maddening as rush hour-packed commute.

Massage Therapy is generally known for the relief of physical injury and pain. Restorative Therapy can have a profound benefit for those dealing with deeper sources of anxiety caused by trauma. The power of touch goes beyond healing the muscles of the body; it can be a source of emotional relief for those coping with the effects of traumatic events.

Those coping with trauma can experience a variety of benefits from Restorative Therapy. One of most notable and measurable is the change in their brain chemistry. Cortisol, often called the stress hormone, is released when a person is feeling stressed and anxious. Decreases in cortisol, often with the release of the body’s feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, help the body and brain relax. This relieves physical and emotional pain significantly. 

Restorative Therapy bridges the gap. It’s a simple approach for working with people who’ve forgotten what it means to be in the here and now; people who’ve forgotten what it feels like to “feel.”

To schedule your personalized massage with Chas contact her directly at 630-251-7124 or on her website at